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Glen Despaux, Developer

My name is Glen, and I live right outside of New Orleans, LA with my lovely wife and fluffy dog. I began programming about 5 years ago, and immediately fell in love with building apps and making "things" work. I have a strong SysAdmin background, but for the past few years I've been geared more towards development for both games and web/mobile apps. I'm eager to continue learning and growing, and I'm looking forward to joining a team where I can enhance my skill set whilst making meaningful contributions.


Full Stack Web Dev

I've built and currently maintain several modern web apps, deployed to platforms including Google Cloud and AWS.
Some were scratch-made in PHP/JS, and some were built with Vue.

Game Developer

A couple of main passion projects comprise
my game dev portfolio. Namely Knight, a 3D Life-Sim RPG, as well as Chroma, a 2D PVP micro-RTS for mobile.

Web Design

I've designed and built modern, responsive websites for
multiple churches and companies.

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